Disc Golf

Disc Golf at the Trapp Family Lodge

We now offer a 9-hole disc golf course on our Mountaintop.

What is disc golf?
Disc golf is essentially the same game as traditional golf but it's played with a Frisbee-type throwing disc instead of a club and ball. The "holes" are steel baskets that are raised off the ground. Play happens the same as in traditional golf in that you throw your "drive" from the tee and try to approach and putt into the basket in as few shots as possible. All of our holes are par 3 (very possible to go from tee to basket in 3 shots).

Why play?
Disc golf offers a fun, healthy way to exercise with family and friends of all ages. It brings you to beautiful spots on the property that would not normally be seen. It’s an easy and inexpensive form of recreation for everyone or it can be a fun challenge for more competitive individuals. Disc golf can be played at your leisure (no tee times, no rush!) You can play on your own or with others, be casual or serious.

Our disc golf course starts and finishes just outside the DeliBakery/Brewery building. There is a practice basket just off of the biergarten where you can practice and get a feel for how the discs fly. The first tee is on the large rocks above the practice basket. From the first tee you will drop down into the field and move counterclockwise around the two ponds. The course takes you in and out of the woods and finishes again at the DeliBakery/Brewery.

7 days a week, anytime during daylight hours. If you rent a disc it is for the day, you need to have it back before the DeliBakery closes.

Bring your own disc and start playing! If you do not have a disc, you may purchase one at any of our retail outlets on property or you can rent a disc from the DeliBakery

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