Wednesday, Aug 31 2011

Trapp Family Lodge and Stowe Spared by Irene

by Sam von Trapp

Greetings from our Green Mountains,

We have been touched to receive so many inquiries into the impact of Tropical Storm Irene. Both Stowe and the Trapp Family Lodge were very fortunate not to have sustained significant damage, in spite of over six inches of rain and heavy winds. Erosion and wind damage were the chief concern, but we sustained almost no impact to our buildings, roads, and trails. Our capable crew was well prepared for the event, and our guests were able to enjoy the day with a fire in the Lounge and service in the DeliBakery. I spent much of the day outdoors, unplugging culverts and checking the status of buildings and trails- my Austrian loden hat is still drying out!

Unfortunately many towns near us were impacted significantly, as has been reported by the media. Our thoughts go out to those who suffered more damage than we did, and we look forward to doing our part to help neighboring communities, many of which are home to our amazing team of hotel employees.

While some secondary roads suffered damage, all major arteries to the Trapp Family Lodge are back up and running as usual. We continue to operate at 100%, with nothing more than minor erosion and fallen trees. All our restaurants are operating, and our trails are open for hiking and biking. While our gardens took a beating, they continue to produce veggies for us, and the apple and pear trees somehow managed to hold their fruit. The trout are probably still a bit traumatized, but our Scotch Highland cattle barely seemed to notice that anything happened.

Thanks to those of you who have expressed your concern- please share your prayers with those who fared worse than we did.

Sam von Trapp
Executive Vice President
Trapp Family Lodge


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