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Winter Adventures

April 16th 7:40 AM

We are  closed for the winter season and thank you to everyone for making this such an epic year!  We did receive about 1-2 inches of snow overnight plus a ton of rain yesterday and the trails are full of water and dirt patches and are not suitable for skiing.  

Looking forward we are first planning on opening the Disc Golf course as soon as possible-may be even open for this weekend.  Mountain biking shop will open the first of next week and used bikes will be for sale.  Mountain bike and hiking trails are still a few weeks away before opening.  Please check back soon.



4/12/14 top of Parizo


4/10/11 Chris's Run

410 haul.JPG

4/10/14 Upper Haul Road still heavy with snow.


4/9/14  Many of the trails are still in excellent shape.

4714 tracks.JPG

4/7/14  The tracks are waiting for you!

415 pan.JPG

4/5/14  Get your klister ready and enjoy some great kick and glide!


4/5/14  Friends on our morning groom session.


3/31/14  As you can see, still a ton of snow here!


3/29/14  Costume Race

329 kody.JPG

3/29/14  Some pretty sick air in today's Fools Race -- not sure what the costume is?

327 race.JPG

3/27/14  Race Course 

327 cord.JPG

3/27/14  Snow is setting up great for skating or classic.


3/25/14  Haul Road


3/24/14  Chris's Run

324 alex.PNG

3/24/14  Alex on the morning groom.  Bring your shades today!

322 sleigh.JPG

3/22/14  Sleigh Road!




3/19/14  Sugaring weather today!

318 ski.JPG

 3/17/14  Ski instructors out enjoying the great conditions.

316 stad.JPG

3/16/14  Stadium

315 skio.JPG

3/15/14  This is a "control point"  you may see a few skiers today skiing with a chest harness and a map looking to punch in at these points.  Smile and wish them good luck!

314 chapel.JPG

3/13/14  Heavy powder at the chapel.

314 russel.JPG

3/13/14  Russel Knoll Trail

313 pow.JPG

3/13/14  17-20 inches of powder on the trail.

313 groom.JPG

3/13/14  Grooming out all the powder.  It will also be an epic day for off-trail skiing!


3/11/14  Keepin the cabin real, come out and visit long time cabin staff Hal Heffner!

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