von Trapp History Tours

von Trapp History Tours

As Maria von Trapp once said, "Our life is like a beautiful story that happens to be true."

The von Trapp family's journey is a remarkable story. In 1938, just before World War II, the Baron and the Baroness von Trapp left all their possessions and estate near Salzburg. With nine children and one on the way, they fled Austria and were granted asylum in this country. Arriving with four dollars, they settled in Philadelphia and through their music, turned a family hobby into a profession as the Trapp Family Singers. They soon bought a small farmhouse in Stowe, Vermont, because the landscape reminded them of home. Here the family lived peacefully, and continued to travel the world singing. They rented out rooms at their farmhouse to skiers and ran the Trapp Family Music Camp. Maria wrote an autobiography that inspired the play and movie, "The Sound of Music", and her story became an American legend.

What was once a modest farm grew into a world-renowned resort, now overseen by Johannes, the youngest of the singing von Trapp children, and his family.

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