Tuesday, Dec 17 2013

Taking the Taste of Trapp Family Lodge Home: Tuesday Baking Classes

by Sam Messer - Sales and Marketing

How do you solve this problem? Your powerful sweet tooth lures you to the DeliBakery every day during your stay at the Trapp Family Lodge. You find yourself preoccupied with thoughts of all the scrumptious offerings, from homemade breads to Austrian specialties. But alas, your stay at is only a week long. But, what if you were able to bake these delicious pastries in the comfort of your own home? Problem solved! During your visit, you can learn what you need to know to take home all the sweet treats your heart desires with baking classes offered Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:15 am.

bakery 1.JPG

Baking classes take place in the kitchen of the DeliBakery, where the aroma of croissants and cookies waft through the air. Large picture windows line the kitchen, filling the space with light and providing students with an exceptional view of the Green Mountains. The baking table sits ready with bowls, spoons and all the ingredients necessary to create a delicious finished product. On a given day, instructors lead the class through a few recipes such as Cranberry Oat Bars, or Pound Cake. The directions are laid out step by step through the process of mixing, pouring, and baking these homemade recipes. Expert bakers will enjoy one on one time to hone their skills with talented pastry chefs, while novices will appreciate the clarity of instruction and ability to add a new recipe to their collections.

When it comes time to finish the just made creations, the chefs take the lead. This way, guests can have a free hour to grab lunch, take a short hike, or have a dip in the pool, instead of waiting an hour in the kitchen for the oven to do its magic. Upon returning, the goodies are already boxed up and ready to head back to the Lodge, Guesthouses or Villas; that is, if they make it there safely.

As mentioned above, baking classes are offered at the DeliBakery, Tuesdays from 10:00 - 11:15 am. The experience is a wonderful way to capture a piece of the Trapp Family Lodge, and we like to think it’s one of the tastier pieces too.



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