Tuesday, Dec 10 2013

Beer Spoken Here

by Sam Messer - Sales and Marketing

Eating well, drinking well. It’s a concept we Vermonters take rather seriously. Our little state is a leader in the local food movement. We want our food fresh, and we don’t want it to travel very far on its way to the table. This philosophy has become part of our state ethos, and it carries over to our beer culture as well. With an abundance of craft and microbreweries, Vermont ranks number one in breweries per capita, with 1 brewery for every 24,067 citizens.

The Trapp Lager Brewery has a unique place in a state with loads of terrific beer. We combine the fresh/local sensibilities of Vermont with the von Trapp family’s heritage to brew beer in the Austrian style: Abundant in flavor and made with limited ingredients.

Brewing began in 2010 as a result of many years of brainstorming by Trapp Family Lodge President, Johannes von Trapp. The operation began modestly in the lower portion of the DeliBakery. The Lagers were very well received, and as time went on, it became clear that our beers captured the simplicity that many brewers nowadays have ventured away from. Distinctively, we don’t “flavor” our beers…you’ll never find a seasonal pumpkin lager, or a cinnamon spiced Christmas pint. We let the brewing process and the ingredients speak for themselves, just as it was done hundreds of years ago when the Reinheitsgebot was enacted.

Expansion of our brewery started this past summer due to the increased demand for our delicious lagers. What’s to come is a 45,000 square foot facility that will enable us to boost both keg and bottle production and host significantly more guests with the addition of a 150 seat restaurant. Last month, we “topped off” the new building with the completion of the roof, which will help construction crews to work through the winter. And in the first week of November, we hosted bar and restaurant professionals from across the state in our first ever Brewery Collective Event to teach those serving our beer about our brewing process and expansion. Surely, these are only the start of the many celebrations to come as progress continues.

Our utimate hope is that the Trapp Lager Brewery—in its growing format—continues to contribute to Vermont’s rich and vibrant food and drink landscape, of which we are truly fortunate to be a part of.


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