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June 22, 2009

It's a preview of the Stowe Garden Festival with different
styles of gardens and a series of special events. Good afternoon I'm Judy
Simpson. My guests this afternoon are getting ready for the Stowe Garden
Festival, which kicks off this Friday. It a pleasure to welcome organizer
Carol MacLeod, the owner of Evergreen Gardens in Waterbury Center. And also
with us is Kim Earley, who is the Garden Manager at the Trapp Family Lodge.
The Trapp Family Lodge is the main sponsor of the festivals, and many events
are held on their grounds. Let's get started with some of the background of
the festival and its purpose. Carroll: This is the 17th year of the Stowe
Garden Festival it runs for three days as you said it's this weekend the 26,
27 and 28. It has an educational component there are lectures and a theme
for this year's festival? Carol: Yes the theme is keeping it greenAnd it's
the second year we have had a more environmental component to the theme.
Judy: Why is that? Carol: It seems to be a trend in gardening people are
more interested in going chemical free and finding out what they can do to
grow more vegetables fruits and berries just staying at home more. Judy: Is
that something you have incorporated too in your businesses and also at the
sing beneficial insects and when we go out to weed the garden we don't use
any chemicals just using her hands and getting very to keep everything
healthy. Judy: What are some of the talks that are rks for the state there
are new and underutilized perennials by one of our favorites from Leonard
Perry from UVM. How as opposed to traditional things. What are some of the
special events that are put on by the festival? Kim: We have an organic
cocktail party that's being held at the Stowe Mountain resort. Also there
is a walk on the grounds that the Stowe Mountain Lodge. Carroll: There is a
cooking demonstration with edible flowers and herbs that is put on by the
Trattoria La Festa that is yearly event and it's very popular and sells out
before the show even begins but you also get a lunch with it so it's very
popular. Some of the local restaurants Michaels on the Hill and the old
England and are also having floral dinners menus that you can order off of
if you decide to go there for a meal. Judy: So who comes to these
festivals? Kim: People from all over from Boston Connecticut all of the
Northeast mostly. Judy: This is the 17th year is that correct? Kim: Yes
that's correct. Judy: Have you noticed it's gotten bigger every year or do
you try to keep it a manageable size? Kim: It sort of varies. I could do a
garden tour of the Trapp lodge for 100 people on a Saturday morning and then
do another garden tour for 12 people but the nice thing is that the way our
schedule is for that weekend I'll do a garden tour on a can come on Sunday
and take part of that garden tour. Judy: You were mentioning earlier that
even if a couple were to come for a weekends and the wife is Judy: How does
the private garden tour work? Carol: The private garden tour runs once each
day. There is a bus that you have to sign up for my ticket and it takes you
around to the different tours. The properties are not just open all day to
the public.

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