ABC - Good Morning America
January 17, 2010

We're going to take a little time this morning to visit a picturesque New England town. Our "Weekend Window" opens to Stowe, Vermont. I think I describe Stowe as being sort of what people might envision the quintessential Vermont village. The white, steeple church and the historic buildings on main street with a world-class skiing facility. Right now, we are at the base of Mt. Mansfield. This is one of the biggest mountains east of the rockies. The top elevation is over 4,390 feet not only do we have some of the most challenging terrain in the country. Stowe has 2,000 feet of vertical top-to-bottom skiing and snowboarding. This is the Trapp Family Lodge. My family's story was told in "The Sound of Music." We've been here since 1942. One of the reasons that my family chose to settle here in Vermont was that it reminded them of Austria. Not only because of the mountain views but also, the hearty, independent, self-reliant attitude of the Vermont people. Our cross-country ski trail system here is phenomenal. The classic destination for people skiing or snowshoeing here, is to head up to the Slayton Pasture Cabin. It's a great workout. Something that's really unique about Stowe is the great natural beauty. The historic village is almost 250 years old. There's something relaxing about this corner of Vermont. It brings out the good in people. A fantastic place for the family to bond. Once you come here, you wind up coming back.

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