Susan Russo, Stowe Reporter
February 13, 2010

 On March 6, cancer survivors, caregivers and those who care about having cancer eradicated in their lifetime will come from all over Vermont and as far away as Alaska for the seventh annual Relay for Life NordicStyle at Trapp Family Lodge.

Celebrating seven years in a row, through frigid conditions, snow and rain, these valiant and dedicated people have come to the mountaintop for many reasons.

The survivors have come to celebrate their lives with others who have also been diagnosed with cancer.

Their caregivers come and are celebrated for being there during the darkest hours of the survivors, and take a lap in the snow, continuing to stand by and be there for their extended families of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, students, children and even those they don't know, all in support of them and their fight to be with us.

Those who “care” have come to raise money that will help people stay well, get well, find cures and fight back. Those who care in some cases don't even know the survivors who are there, but somewhere along the way, they have been touched by cancer and want it gone. They don't want their children, or their children's children, to ever hear the words, “You have cancer.” Rather they want them to live in a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Won't you join us as we take to the trails at the Trapp Family Lodge Ski Touring Center on March 6 as we take up the fight against cancer?

For more information on Relay for Life NordicStyle, please go to or contact the American Cancer Society at 866-466-0626.

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