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May 1, 2010

The Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, started by Maria von Trapp, matriarch of the family whose story inspired "The Sound of Music," and Johannes von Trapp, the couple's youngest son, has expanded to offer Trapp Lager and Trapp Microbrewery.

The youngest von Trapp had dreamt for years of replicating the lagers found in small local breweries in Germany and Austria. "Every time I've gone to Austria and I drink the good local beers, I come back here [to Vermont], and I can't find any brews that replicate it," he says. Von Trapp adds that though Vermont is home to plenty of good local breweries and beers--mostly ales and stouts--it is harder to find good local lagers. Austrian-style lagers tend to be lighter in flavor and alcohol content, yet have ample taste and body.

Trapp Lager will feature the Viennese-style lager and a pair of wheat beers--hefeweizen, and its darker cousin dunkelweizen. Master Brewer Allen Van Anda was brought in more than a year ago to begin the process of planning both the brew facilities and the brews themselves. Trapp and Van Anda also hope to offer a non-alcoholic lager in the future. Trapp Lager is currently available at The Trapp Family Lodge and at select local venues, slated to be priced at $5 a glass, and there are plans to eventually bottle and distribute Trapp Lager throughout New England.

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