, Francine Brokaw
November 3, 2010

The Sound of Music is a classic film. The story of a young nun who goes to work as a governess for seven children was based on the real-life story of Maria Von Trapp. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer star in this memorable story of destiny, love, music, and war.

What makes this new package for the 45th Anniversary so important for Sound of Music fans is the fact that, first of all, it is in Hi-Def. Imagine the Austrian countryside in wonderful Hi-Definition. Its spectacular. And secondly, the bonus features make this an exceptional viewing experience for fans.

Viewers get the choice of viewing the film with options with the Your Favorite Things feature which includes several modes to view the film. There is an option to see the song lyrics as they are sung in the movie. There is an option to see images from the making of the film as the film goes along. There is an option to learn trivia during the film, and there is an option that will quiz viewers about the locations in which the scenes were filmed.

When viewing the Blu-ray, simply select bonus feature and which mode you want to use. By using the four colored buttons on the remote you can easily turn the option on and off at your desire. Its a fun and new way to experience this movie.

A second disc includes several more bonus features in this Blu-ray version. There are two interactive features. The Musical Stages feature is a way to learn about the songs and their history, the stage version of the story, the real von Trapp family, and the restoration of the film. Throughout the von Trapp house on the screen there are icons which viewers can select to learn about these various things, however if you simply want to see the little features and not go clicking around the screen, simply select the option at the bottom of the screen to view them all. A City of Stone is another interactive feature on the disc. It allows viewers to learn about historic Salzburg and the areas in which the movie was filmed. There are palaces, concerts, churches and other location made famous in the film. Many of these date back to the time of Mozart and the history in this feature is impressive. With videos about the locations, facts, photos and images from the sets, viewers will learn a lot about historic Salzburg, Austria. As with the other interactive feature, there is the option at the bottom of the opening page to view all the locations without having to click on everything. The movie made Salzburg famous and immediately after the film came out tours emerged in the city to take visitors to the various locations in the movie. They are still popular today.

And the BD Live extras add more features to this combo pack.

There are so many facts packed into the bonus features, viewers who thought they knew everything about the film will learn even more. For instance, did you know that Christopher Plummer recorded his own voice for his singing part in Edelweiss however the filmmakers decided to dub in another mans singing voice? And all these years you thought you were listening to Plummer!

And many people know about the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont, however with the actual members of the family discussing their lives there, there are many interesting new details about the family that emerge.

And Oscar Hammersteins final song, Edelweiss, was written just before his death. The histories of many of the songs in the movie as well as the ones in the stage version of the story are quite interesting to learn. For people who go to see the stage play, there are songs that are not in the film, and there were songs written especially for the film that were not in the stage production. In the film the Baroness and Max are not singing characters, however they are in the stage production. All of these fun facts and plenty more are included in this incredible 45th Anniversary combo pack!

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