January 11, 2011

With more breweries per capita than any other state, Vermont has become known as a mecca for beer lovers, with a great variety of styles, philosophies, and tastes to explore. You can even take the Passport Challenge and visit them all. Not all at once though, as that would be impossible. Except here, of course. Here's a look at all the breweries that the Green Mountain State has to offer.

... Page 12... Brewery at the Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe
In a state where it's becoming increasingly more difficult for brewers to distinguish their product in the plethora of local beers that have flooded the market, Stowe's Trapp Family Lodge generated a lot of buzz with its new brewery, which opened last year. The brewery, the culmination of the vision of Johannes von Trapp – the youngest child of Maria and Baron von Trapp, who today runs the lodge - replaced the Austrian Tea Room serving three styles of beer, the Golden Helles, Dunkel Laker, and Vienna Amber.

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