Kip de Moll,
January 31, 2011

Although theirs is a resort known largely for cross country skiing and fall foilage, the Trapp Family settled in Vermont and established their lodge because after their travels around the country, it was the closest they could find to the breath-takingly beautiful mountains of their native Austria. Indeed, the Green Mountains, so close to Burlington, provide excellent terrain for a variety of frolics in the snow, the perfect "Go To" for a winter paradise.

From the world Class resorts of Stowe and Sugarbush to the regional romps at Jay Peak, Bolton Valley and Burke Mountain, there are challenges and amenities to make these little mountains an outstanding playground. Even Cochran’s backyard that started with a rope tow to keep four energetic children occupied has produced Olympic gold and put an amazing number of Vermonters on skis for their very first runs.

All within a half hour or two of the busiest communities, Vermont skiing thrives on a strong local population who regularly break away for a day, half, or a couple of runs from their regular schedules. Just as short a drive from Montreal, the slopes attract an international flavor. Three to five hours delivers weekend regulars from Boston, New York and all the suburbs in between. Flights from a well-stocked airport in Burlington link Vermont’s pristine image to the rest of the world.

Where the West is known for the broad expanse of wide, treeless bowls and deep, endless accumulation of powder, Vermont requires a hardier breed of skier. Fluctuations of weather produce myriad combinations of snow, ice and innumerable scraped spots in between, but those very conditions also produce a skilled and versatile style that holds a line of exquisite form off the highest cornices reached by helicopter and races at break-neck speed over any course any where.

The picturesque farms, maple syrup and high snow banks in tight valleys gives plenty to enjoy along the way. The relaxed lifestyle of progressive independence and high-tech links to markets in Bolivia and Tajikistan supports a quality atmosphere of master chefs and educated lift-operators entertaining the tourists with delightful stories and romantic visions of real lives in an ideal world.

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