August 24, 2011

QUINTANILLA: And Kate, good morning to you.

Ms. KATE MAXWELL: Good morning, Carl.

QUINTANILLA: One question I had, just off the top is if you have a vacation planned for the Caribbean, given that this Hurricane Irene is on its way, are you out of luck?

Ms. MAXWELL: Yeah. Well, I mean, it really varies from resort to resort and from island to island in terms of insurance. I mean, June to November, it is hurricane season, it's always going to be a risk. But the good news is this year lots of airlines have waived their change fees. These include Virgin America, JetBlue, Continental, American. That means that you can book at no charge, you can change your trip.

QUINTANILLA: Right. That's good to know. So if you're in the process of booking a last-minute getaway, isn't it--isn't it a little bit late to get a good deal?

Ms. MAXWELL: No, there are actually still some really good deals out there.


Ms. MAXWELL: Yeah.

QUINTANILLA: You see--you found one in Park City, Utah, which sounds pretty amazing.

Ms. MAXWELL: Yes, yes, yes. It does. So downhill mountain biking is the hot spot at the moment and mountain resorts out West are the place to try them. They've started to open their lifts and their slopes in summer and Park City, Utah, this summer opened a mountain biking park. It's good for novices and for experienced mountain bikers. So have fun out there and the place to stay is the Waldorf Astoria. This is a five star hotel at three star prices at this time of year. It has rooms from $179 a night. And they have this fantastic spa, the Golden Door spa. It's one of only six in the world, so a great place to rest those aching limbs after your mountain biking.

QUINTANILLA: So you do a little biking by day and then in the afternoon, there's a lot of food and wine which--yeah, right?

Ms. MAXWELL: Exactly, exactly. Yes.

QUINTANILLA: The second one, going a little bit West, Cabo San Lucas, which is always nice.

Ms. MAXWELL: Yes. It's always nice. It's a favorite of Hollywood A-listers. People like Jennifer Aniston go there all the time. And we really recommend if you're traveling as a group to book a villa. Villa Luna Nueva is the one we're featuring here. It's a gorgeous place, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi.

QUINTANILLA: See, when I think that, I think it's got to cost a fortune!

Ms. MAXWELL: Well, exactly, but if you split the price between eight people it works out at $124 per room, per night. And you have a kitchen, so obviously you can do your own cooking, which saves money. Or you can get a chef in if you fancy a night off.

QUINTANILLA: Interesting, for $495 a night at--in Cabo.

Ms. MAXWELL: For four rooms, yeah.

QUINTANILLA: Stowe, Vermont. If you're coming back to the East Coast. What is there to do in Stowe?

Ms. MAXWELL: Yes. Well, this the classic out of New England vacation. You know, clam bakes, lobster rolls, really great for the kids. And Stowe has just launched a last minute Labor Day offer. They're offering 40 percent off 11 of their properties which includes the Trapp Family Lodge. Now for "Sound of Music" fans you can't get better than this.

QUINTANILLA: I'm going to have that soundtrack in my head all day now.

Ms. MAXWELL: You are, you are. And it's on 2500 mountain acres, loads of activities for the kids. It starts at $165 a night.

QUINTANILLA: And the best attraction up there is the?

Ms. MAXWELL: Well, there's a Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory. Don't forget that. If you like your cookie dough ice cream, you know, go and try it there.

QUINTANILLA: Right. Finally, if you're into golf, a last-minute deal in San Diego, which is the paradise for golf.

Ms. MAXWELL: San Diego. Great destination. Absolutely. And the Rancho Bernardo Inn has an all-play, no-pay offer at the moment. It's all inclusive. They have a fantastic organic restaurant serving local seasonal foods, so that--your meals are included in the price. Plus, a limited golf for two, or you can have spa treatments. Really, really great spa. You know, if you're a spa fan, put this on your list. They offer Bespoke massages among other things.

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Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego $214/night/person all inclusive

QUINTANILLA: Not too far from La Jolla, which has got to be one of the most beautiful parts of the entire country.

Ms. MAXWELL: Absolutely. And just 90 minutes south of Los Angeles as well.

QUINTANILLA: Are all these deals happening because the economy is sort of not doing that hot? Why--what's the incentive for these travel companies?

Ms. MAXWELL: Well, that's definitely--that's definitely a factor, yes. But you know, often there are last-minute deals for Labor Day because, you know, people--you know, it's a great time of year to travel. Yeah.

QUINTANILLA: Right. Well, there's certainly some amazing deals. If you think the game's been written already, it hasn't, judging from what you found.

Ms. MAXWELL: Absolutely. You know, 10 days and, you know, still time.

QUINTANILLA: Yeah. Kate, thank you so much.

Ms. MAXWELL: Thanks.

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