February 8, 2012

Not all skiers use chair lifts to get up the hill but this guy usually does. That's right! Not so easy trying out some new things this week! We stopped by the Trapp Family Lodge to check in on the cross country ski season. Sam von Trapp: Cross country skiing trains you physically, mentally and spiritually. Some off the most scenic vistas of Green Mountains can be found nestled in the nordic trails surrounding the Trapp Family Lodge. My dad started the first commercial cross country ski resort in the Americas back here in 1968. It makes me proud that we are still on the cutting edge and people still want to ski here.

For more than four decades, cross country enthusiasts have trekked along these trails. Ryan Kerrigan/Nordic Instructor stated he just loves the simplicity of it. You put your skis on, you go. There's no lifts. You can go on a trail or you can go off. You can go backcountry.

Isabel Mroczkowski a Nordic Skier stated "It's a really good workout. When the rhythm is right and you've got it all together, it's wonderful. It's just a great feeling. "Like their downhill counterparts, cross country ski areas across the state have struggled with this reluctant winter season. The Trapp Family Lodge is one of handful of nordic resorts around the state to use snow making to supplement the natural snowfall. Sam von Trapp: "There's no doubt in my mind that without the snowmaking this season would have been a lot different for us. Ian Oliver "The Trapp Family Lodge has about 60 kilometers of nordic trails. Snowmaking and grooming efforts have allowed most of them to be open since the start of the new year. Sam von Trapp: Family Lodge "We put the snow down where we need it in the tough spots and that enables the rest of the network. So we cover 5 percent of our trails and that enables the other 95 percent. " After hundreds of days spent on the slopes, this was my first time ever snapping into a pair of touring skis. There were quite a few wobbly moments at first, but enough similarity to downhill skiing to keep me upright. The nordic faithful are not shy in explaining the benefits of their style as Isabel Mroczkowski/Nordic Skier stated "We used to be downhill skiers, and then my daughter went to college. College costs about as much as downhill skiing (laughs) so we switched to cross country and we love it! Alyssa Kelly/Nordic Skier "I like the solitude and the rhythm involved. It is just by nature a little more quiet and a little less competitive. "Another group of snow lovers -sliding their way toward spring. "As long as there is snow, I will go! (laughs)

Ian Oliver/Channel 3 News/Stowe

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