July 10, 2012

This time of year I try to visit Stowe, Vermont to attend the Stoweflake Hot Air Balloon festival.

I had a special blessing this time, and my friend Joyce came too.

We stopped by the Von Trapp Family Lodge and breathed in the scenery and had a photography adventure in their gardens.

So many seasons have been memorized in Vermont.

When I look at the Vermont sky and the mountain backdrop, beautiful memories come flooding back from all kinds of chapters of my life. I wrote about some of them in previous posts.

I Remember You seemed like the perfect music to share while adding photos of beautiful Stowe.

The gardens are wonderful, and they just added a new statue, which just begged for a bit of texture.

Summer is a beautiful time to visit Stowe.

Blue skies, puffy white clouds, the mountains and the gardens are all my favorite sights of Stowe.

When we were leaving they were having an outdoor concert. Sigh, wish we had time and a picnic blanket and basket. On the drive home, the sky put on quite a show. A beautiful sunset bursting into pink skies against the mountain backdrop.

I have so many photos from the Hot Air Balloon festival, which I'll share on another post. Until then, put on your crown today and know that you are God's Beloved.

Please take home any photos that speak to your heart for your personal use.

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