Nathan Burgess - Stowe Reporter
September 19, 2013

Was it Robert De Niro’s daughter? Colin Powell’s? Dr. Oz’s? Rumors of a million-dollar wedding at Trapp Family Lodge Saturday spread like runny maple butter this week. If the stories are to be believed, actor Will Smith and musician Kenny Chesney were among the attendees.

The real answer to who got married at the famed Stowe lodge on Sept. 14, according to manager Sam Von Trapp, is a young, happy Vermont couple. Their identity can be found through some vigilant Facebook searching, but neither the bride nor the groom is a household name.

Nevertheless, the wedding they hosted had everybody in town talking. The family rented out the entire Trapp Family Lodge property, hired the Vermont Symphony Orchestra to perform, set off fireworks and made a dramatic helicopter exit. Everyone “in the know” claimed to have the digs on what was going on at Trapp Hill.

Townsfolk knew something was up when the town government granted a request from the resort to close Trapp Hill Road from both sides. Area mountain bikers were clued in with this advisory on the Stowe Mountain Bike Club Facebook page:

“This Saturday September 14th, Trapp Family Lodge mountain bike trails will be closed for all outside guest(s) due to an event of epic proportion and the details are confidential. The entire property has been closed and security and police will not allow riders or hikers on any of our trails… All riders should be discouraged from riding in the area and if they do — they must obey any trail closings or legal consequences may apply.”

Whatever the case, expect the legendary wedding to continue feeding the rumor mill. One witness claimed Robert De Niro’s daughter was the lucky lady.

“I didn’t see him, but he was there,” the witness told anyone willing to listen.


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