Martha Stewart Weddings
November 22, 2013

When Jennifer Cheung and Canute Dalmasse met at a house party in Hong Kong in 2009, neither was smitten—at first. "Her friends thought I'd be right for her, so they stalled me from leaving while they secretly called her, telling her to come out," says Canute, who works in finance. Recalls Jennifer, a pastry chef, "They practically forced me to show up!" And when she did, it was, in a word, awkward. But turns out the matchmakers were onto something, and nearly two-years-to-the-day later, Jennifer and Canute met again at the hotel bar; he dropped to one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. The couple married in Stowe, Vermont, at theTrapp Family Lodge on August 25, 2012.

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Photo by Steven Steinhardt

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