What exactly is My Scrapbook?

At the Trapp Family Lodge, we understand that our guests experience this special place very differently. We wanted our online guests to have the same opportunity to define what the Trapp Family Lodge is for them. Whether you are planning a romantic stay for you and your partner, planning a family or corporate event, or looking for an outdoor adventure, the scrapbook is the place where you can collect a few of your favorite things to share with friends and family.

How does My Scrapbook work?

As you browse through all the exciting opportunities that await you at the Trapp Family Lodge you can collect the text and photos that mean the most to you.  Save pictures, text and add comments to your own personal Scrapbook to save for later and to pass along to your loved ones as you plan your trip.

Adding Items to Your Scrapbook

You will see the Scrapbook icon throughout the site. Clicking this icon allows you to save a clip of text or a photo to My Scrapbook.

Once you click on the Scrapbook icon, this small window will appear offering you a chance to add optional comments to associate with the item you are saving to your Scrapbook. Don't worry, you can always edit these comments later or even add new comments when you visit My Scrapbook later. When you are finished, click "Add This Item" to proceed.


At the top of every page there is a link to My Scrapbook. Click the My Scrapbook link to see what you have collected.

Don't forget to save and share My Scrapbook before leaving the site. You have saved a few of your favorite things after all! Keep in mind that once you save or share My Scrapbook you will not be able to make any additional changes to it. You are welcome to create as many Scrapbooks as you like!

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