Wedding Testimonials

"It’s hard to believe a year has lapsed since we were here celebrating our wedding. Looking over our wedding album and reflecting back on the events of that weekend, we are so impressed at how everything went. In all our excitement and celebration with friends and family, we didn’t get a chance to properly thank you for all of your hard work and effort to make all of the pieces of our wedding weekend flow so smoothly together. We are so appreciative to you and all of the staff for paying such close attention to detail and making, all of our guests feel right at home. We really cannot thank you enough!"
-Joe & Jihyan Giordano

"I just wanted to give you a gigantic thank you for EVERYTHING that you did for us this weekend. You helped to de-stress Meghan, which is no small task in itself, and you kept me on the mellow side (which isn’t so difficult to do, but you did a fantastic job at anyways). The day was as perfect, if not more perfect, than I had ever and could ever dream of. It was, and will always be (probably until we have children) the happiest day of my life, and none of it would have been remotely possible without your wonderful help. Thank you SO SO SO much. Words cannot and could never describe how thankful Meghan and I are for all of your help, and all the little things that you took care of that would have probably ended up ruining our day. I will, forever, recommend people your name and the Trapp Family Lodge. It was an experience of a lifetime, and you’ve got our business, at least once a year (10/3-ish). You are a saint. Thank you for everything."
- Jarred M. Samarco

"I cannot say enough about the time and effort exhibited by the wedding coordinator, Kira. I understand that it is her job, but she seemed to go over and above to meet our needs on a minute to minute basis, including watching the weather on the wedding day and making sure that my daughter was happy. I was astounded that when we were back in the lounge after midnight, she was still there! Every minute of the day she was there, exactly at the right time (and not 'in the way' by any means) and helping us every step of the way!! All in all, I must stress that our stay at Trapp was wonderful, and it made my daughter's wedding experience more special and I thank you all for that!!"
- Rita Ward

"As you well know, there's a great deal of activity and stress involved in planning a wedding, especially one out-of town. The wedding at Trapp's was outstanding. This certainly could not have been achieved without the tremendous help we received from the entire Lodge staff. Every aspect was perfect."
- Steve Bookalam and Jane Clair

Parents of the Bride
"The 'glow' of Matthew's & Carmen's wedding weekend is still with us. We can't begin to thank you for all the sound advice, patience & walking though the rehearsal dinner. Friends and family are still raving about the 'Trapp' wedding. We thank you for everything."
- Ann & Craig Walker

“Thank you for organizing a wonderful brunch for the Mason-Walker wedding. There was something for everyone and it was prepared and presented in a timely manner. Your attendance and attention to detail was most noticed and appreciated. Our daughter enjoyed working with you – and you both made us look like great host/hostesses for the wedding’s brunch. Thanks again.”
- Fred & Nancy Tucker

"I can't begin to thank you for the most memorable weekend. I know it was our son Matthew Walker's wedding. We had the rehearsal dinner Friday night and it was PERFECT!!!!!! I don't know where to begin to tell you how it was such a pleasure to work with Kira Comstock. Right from the beginning of planning the rehearsal dinner (which was our first and only rehearsal dinner we have ever planned.) Kira was so easy to work with, professional, calm, kind and never, never gets agitated with my many, many questions and she REALLY knows her "stuff". The rehearsal dinner was everything I could imagine but better. The Mozart Room looked beautiful, the food was delicious, the staff was pleasant and everyone’s knows what to do. But Kira is the glue to make it all work. I wish you could double her salary because she deserves it!!!! We had many family and friend from all over the country and who have experienced many weddings from Tuscany to Manhattan and they all said this was THE WEDDDING. I know this can only work with the right people who work for you. We are as good as the people who work for us. So I congratulate and commend for the way you run the Trapp. Thank you for ALL that ALL your staff does. PS, the wedding was so beautiful and again Kira knew what to do when it started to rain. No one panicked all 214 people walked and strolled to the Mozart room. My only suggestion was to have more large umbrellas. The tent looked fabulous and the flowers were beautiful. Also the brunch on Sunday was delicious. Can I have the granola recipe? Again thank you!"
- Ann and Craig Walker

"I am writing to tell you how absolutely perfect our wedding for our daughter Rebecca was this past weekend. Beyond the fact that the setting of the Trapp Family Lodge is absolutely beautiful, and the people you employ are outstanding, we had the honor of working with Kira Comstock. Kira is a perfect fit for her job. She is kind, inviting, professional and above all calm in every situation. She took care of every last detail for us. She remembered everything even the smallest detail about what we wanted. I have some experience, not a lot, working with hospitality people, but Kira is way over the top. I feel that the Trapp Family Lodge is very lucky to have an employee such as Kira as the coordinator of your events, both large and small. I left the weekend feeling that even though I know Kira is paid to do what she does, no monetary compensation would say how special she is."
- Connie Metz

"I wanted to drop a line regarding Kira Comstock, your outstanding wedding planner who was in charge of the wedding celebration for my sister-in-law Hannah London a couple of weeks ago. I am editing the video from the wedding, and felt compelled to comment. I have been in the hospitality industry, in restaurants, hotels, and wine, for over 10 years, and I have a highly critical eye toward service and front of the house protocol. Kira is one of the finest, most organized planners I have come across, and it was her efforts that helped a nice wedding blossom into a beautiful one. She thought of everything from tissues and extra emergency makeup for the bride to a Tide pen for some spilled wine, and her timeliness, thoughtfulness, and empathy for all parties involved in the wedding weekend hustle and bustle was above and beyond. In addition, she performed all these duties with a beautiful smile and grace, without a hint of stress on her own part. She is to be commended for a job well done, and I would feel confident in recommending your facility and her services to any of my family and friends. Thank you for helping to make Hannah and Andrew's weekend a truly memorable one."
- Mike Smith

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