Art at the Lodge


The Trapp Family Lodge has many pieces of art throughout the property, many of which are historic family photographs, textiles,  illustrations, furniture and paintings from local artists. A few local artists also show and sell their pieces in a few of our spaces. These artists include: 

Kathleen Berry Bergeron - featured in St. George's Hall 

Kathy's work is expressive in style with a flair for looseness. Many of her images reflect the beauty of New England and the Trapp Family Lodge has many works reflects Stowe and the surrounding area.  She has been a member of the Northern Vermont Artist Assoc., the Essex Art League, and is a Signature Member of the Vermont Watercolor Society.  She has received numerous awards for her work throughout New England and has exhibited extensively throughout Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York.  Kathleen says of her work, “I try to capture the viewer and draw them in.”  Whether it is the majestic green mountains of Vermont, or a child tossing stones into a sunlit stream, her work evokes a feeling of tranquility and nostalgia. Kathleen’s florals are exciting bursts of color jumping off the paper. This exciting use of color and design are a compelling part of her talent.  Kathleen is a professional watercolorist and art instructor who uses only quality materials for her creations. 

Craig Mooney - featured in our Mozart Room 

Craig Mooney makes paintings of dramatic moments and heightened emotionality that are known for being expansive and expressive. Though a representational painter, the artist incorporates a myriad of abstract qualities throughout his paintings. In his figurative work, Mooney romanticizes his subjects and presents them in an atmospheric lens that is best described as dreamlike. His paintings appear to be capturing a moment suspended in time. While his work feels familiar, it is not specific. Rather it is, on a very basic level, symbolism of what could have been, has been or will be...

During your next visit, purchase a beautiful local work of art right from one of our galleries, to remember your trip to the Trapp Family Lodge by. 

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