Hiking and Running in Stowe, VT

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Take a hike – Trapp style – through the many miles of meadows and country roads at Trapp Family Lodge. We offer more than 35 miles of wooded hiking trails where hikers of all levels of ability can enjoy breathtaking views and lush greenery. Go backpacking through our trails on your own or take a guided nature walk and learn about native plants, wildlife, and the evolving landscape of Vermont.

In the Stowe area, you can explore numerous hiking trails, including the Long Trail that runs over Mount Mansfield (Vermont's highest peak), Stowe Pinnacle, and Hunger Mountain. This trail and many more are just a few minutes from the resort.







Hiking in Stowe, VT

Chapel Hike

Enjoy a short, but steep hike to the chapel that Werner von Trapp and other members of the family built. We’ll head into the lovely woods behind our Lodge to explore this important von Trapp landmark. Please meet at the Outdoor Center 10 minutes early.

Trapp Family History Tour

Learn about the history of the von Trapp family while strolling the grounds and visiting the family cemetery. To participate, meet at the Outdoor Center a few minutes early.

Wildflower Walk

When Spring is here and the wildflowers are out, join Trapp Family Lodge guides on this fun and easy walk. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear for varied off-trail terrain and possible mud. Meet at the Outdoor Center a few minutes early.

High-Energy Nordic Walking

If you’re looking for a full-body workout, this high-energy Nordic walking class is for you! We’ll be moving at a fast pace and tackling some hills. Nordic walking is an excellent summer training method for cross-country skiers. Meet at the Outdoor Center a few minutes early for this class.

Meet the Cows

Join local Trapp Family Lodge farmers on a property hike to meet our Scottish Highlander herd. We have worked with these cattle for years and love to educate visitors about them, so don’t be shy in asking questions. For this hike, please meet at the Outdoor Center a few minutes early.

Learning the Forest

Take a closer look at the forest that surrounds the Trapp Family Lodge. During this unique experience, you’ll learn about tree species, forest structure, and how many different factors shape our forest and define the Vermont landscape. All ages and abilities are welcome. 

Please meet at the Outdoor Center a few minutes early.

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