Massage Treatments at Trapp's Spa

From classic massages to relieve the stress of the day to more specialized treatments like hot stone massage and peppermint foot revitalization, you can find  the right spa treatment option for what ails you at Trapp Family Lodge's spa. Treat yourself to a little pampering while you're our guest.

Please contact our Fitness Center to schedule your massage 802-253-5722.

Therapeutic Massage 30 Minutes $90.00 | 60 Minutes $140.00 | 90 minutes $170 Add Steamed Towels for $15

Our therapists practice a blend of Swedish/Sports Massage, and integrate Shiatsu/Acupressure to release all your stress and tension.

Hot Stone Massage 60 Minutes $155 | 90 minutes $185

Creating sensations of comfort & warmth. Experience the soothing and trans-formative effects of our Hot Stone Therapy. Relax while heated basalt lava stones are comfortably placed on the body. This ancient healing art uses warm stones to gently massage and release the tension in your aching muscles.

Peppermint Foot Revitalizer 60 Minutes $130.00 | add on 30 minutes +$75

Put your feet up during this refreshing experience as the therapist pampers those tired aching feet with steamed towels. Indulge as the feet are exfoliated with a peppermint scrub and treated to a relaxing massage and spa reflexology. Tender loving care will sooth and revitalize your feet as well as your mind.