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December 26, 2016
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New Bierhall Restaurant Becomes Staple of Austrian Tradition for Trapp Family Lodge

Designed in European style, the Vermont restaurant connects von Trapp beer further to Austrian food & heritage

Stowe, Vt. — The new Bierhall Restaurant adjoining the von Trapp Brewery officially opened its doors to craft beer enthusiasts this fall. Inspired by lively European beer halls, the new restaurant and beer garden features all of the von Trapp beers and Austrian-style fare. The restaurant and brewery, on the Trapp Family Lodge property, are another extension of the Trapp family’s tradition of coloring a little of Austria into Vermont. 

After the initial success of von Trapp Brewing, started in 2010 by Johannes von Trapp to create an American version of the classic Austrian lager, the family has worked to expand the business. First, a newly constructed brewery increased production capacity tenfold; now, the Bierhall provides both a look inside the brewery and a convivial atmosphere to enjoy the brews crafted next door.  

“We want to give beer lovers a more personalized experience that goes beyond just picking it up at the local store. The new Bierhall is a destination, somewhere everyone can be a part of the story behind the beer we brew and its Austrian heritage,” said Johannes von Trapp, president of Trapp Family Lodge. “We are delighted to be sharing a new side of our heritage in this extraordinary venue.” 

Community-style seating featured throughout the Bierhall Restaurant encourages across-the-table conversation between guests, while the U-shape of the bar is meant to ease interaction between bar guests. Outside, a glass-enclosed Wintergarten, a typical offering in European establishments, allows guests to enjoy mountain views as though they are outdoors in any season. Directly off the Bierhall, an extensive terrace holds seating for additional guests and provides an unparalleled experience of the surrounding mountains. 

The von Trapps entrusted the talent of local restaurateur, Jack Pickett, to lead as manager of the new Bierhall Restaurant. An Austrian-inspired menu offers fare including Bratwurst, Kebabs, and Chicken Schnitzel. An Argentinian-style Parrilla, an open wood-fired grill, is featured in the space and gives guests a chance to watch the crafting of select dishes. 

The all-tap Bierhall bar features all of the von Trapp brews, including the fan favorites: Vienna Lager, Bohemian Pilsner, Dunkel Lager, Golden Helles, and seasonal selections such as Oktoberfest. Wines sourced from Austria are also available on tap. 

Earthy tones and light wood furniture pay homage to typical European design throughout the restaurant space. Much of the furniture was custom-made in Vermont by Vermont Farm Table, and millwork uses maple timber harvested from the site of the Bierhall itself. An intricate chandelier and specially designed sconces made by Burlington’s Conant Metal & Light shine throughout the space. The space also features an alcove, a lounge, a gift shop, and a private gathering space (the Ibex Room) for groups. 

The innovative space surrounded by mountains is a special rendition of the von Trapp Family’s dedication to continuing the traditions of their heritage while recognizing their home here in Vermont. The mountains, the beer, the Austrian fare — it’s a little of Austria, a lot of Vermont. 

“This Bierhall is a place where people feel instantly welcomed, whether they’re relaxing after work or stopping in on a sojourn for craft beer,” Johannes von Trapp elaborated. “Gathering and enjoying the company of others is an important part of our Austrian lifestyle, one that we’re exceptionally pleased to carry on here.”

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