Slayton Pasture Cabin

Slayton Pasture Cabin

in Stowe, Vermont

If you plan on going cross-country skiing or snowshoeing during your stay with us, be sure to make your way to Slayton Pasture Cabin to replenish your energy. From the ski center, it’s a 3-mile journey to this gem nestled in the woods on a knoll behind the Lodge. 

Warm Yourself by the Fire

The journey to Slayton Pasture Cabin may be long, but it’s worth it. An outdoor fire pit and to go hot and cold food items await any guest's arrival. Due to COVID19 restrictions, we are only allowing guests inside the cabin if you reserve a specific time slot for a certain date. This 50-minute time slot allows 10 minutes in between stays for disinfecting and airing out the space in between parties by our cabin keeper. Please ensure you leave plenty of time to make the 3 mile (800 feet of it is uphill), trek out to the cabin for your reservation as we are not able to extend time for late parties. 

This rustic and cozy log cabin is the perfect private rendezvous spot for lunch with family and friends. Take a seat by the hearth of our roaring fireplace and savor some homemade soups and sandwiches.

Then enjoy a hot chocolate, which is the perfect way to warm up after a long day of skiing. Slayton Pasture Cabin is open from 10:00AM-3:30PM daily during the winter months.

Slayton Pasture Cabin in Stowe, Vermont
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