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The Trapp Family Lodge is more than just a hotel; it’s a family home with years and years of history in its walls. Explore our property, learn about our family’s extensive history, and go behind the scenes of our day-to-day operations on one of our many tours.

Please note that all tours & experiences are not available for purchase until 30 days in advance.



Reservations are required for all tours and they do sell out frequently so we suggest you please sign up in advance online to reserve your spot.

Click Here to find out about tour schedules and to book tickets. We look forward to seeing you!

Our public tours are included in the resort fee that Trapp Family Lodge hotel guests pay. There is a fee for non-hotel guests.”

Public Tour Pricing: 

Adults - $20.00*

Children 6-12 - $5.00* 

Children 5 and under - Free 

*Plus 6% VT sales tax


Private Tour Pricing (based on 20 or more guests): 

$20 per person 

*Plus 6% VT sales tax & 20% service fee 

To book a private tour, call the sales department at 802-253-5769.

Tours of Stowe, VT

History Tours of the Property

As Maria von Trapp once said, "Our life is like a beautiful story that happens to be true." The von Trapp family's journey is a remarkable story. In 1938, just before World War II, the Baron and the Baroness von Trapp left all their possessions and estate near Salzburg. With nine children and one on the way, they fled Austria and were granted asylum in this country. Arriving with only $4.00, they settled in Philadelphia, and through their music, turned a family hobby into a profession as the Trapp Family Singers.


They soon bought a small farmhouse in Stowe, Vermont, because the landscape reminded them of home. Here, the family lived peacefully and continued to travel the world singing. They rented out rooms at their farmhouse to skiers and ran the Trapp Family Music Camp. Maria wrote an autobiography that inspired the play and movie, The Sound of Music, and her story became an American legend. 

What was once a modest farm grew into a world-renowned resort, and is now overseen by Johannes, the youngest of the singing von Trapp children, and his family.

Meet the Cows Tour

Meet the Cows Tour

Join our Vermont farmers on a property hike to meet our friendly Scottish Highlander herd. We have extensive history with this herd, so don’t be shy in asking questions. Come and see all the new cute calves in the Spring months! Please meet at the Outdoor Center a few minutes early. . Proper footwear and weather appropriate clothing required. The herd may be located up to a mile away from the Outdoor Center depending on which of our 7 pastures they are grazing so it may require using your vehicle to get there. Meet at the Outdoor Center 15 minutes prior to your tour time.

Maple Sugaring Tours

Maple Sugaring Tours

Join us at the Trapp Family Lodge sugarhouse as we renew the centuries-old tradition of making pure Vermont maple syrup. Every March, when the days become longer and warmer, we start the process of maple sugaring. We still sugar the "old-fashioned" way, using buckets to collect sap, and we now have taps connected to plastic tubing in the "new-fashioned" way! Then, we boil the sap down to syrup in our sugarhouse in a very large, wood-fired evaporator. The sap and the sugaring process are completely organic; we do not use any chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.

Our Maple Sugar Tour is a casual, 1-mile hike around the property where you learn about our process and enjoy a tasty maple treat. Meet at the Outdoor Center 15 minutes prior to your tour time.



Learning the Forest Tour

Learning the Forest

Sitting on 2,500 acres of pure Vermont, Trapp Family Lodge is home to numerous wildlife and plant life species.  Take a guided hike through our picturesque forests this afternoon to learn what makes these woods unique and sustainable.  Please be prepared with sturdy footwear and proper clothing. Meet at the Outdoor Center 15 minutes prior to your tour time.

Trapp Family Lodge Guests Touring the Lodge

von Trapp Brewery Tours 

Johannes von Trapp wondered why lagers were so under-represented in the states. Discover how his dream for Austrian inspired crisp, clean, traditional lagers came to life in a world of IPA’s right here on our 2,600-acre property, it’s growing demand and appreciation for good, clean, lagers.

Brewery tours are 21+, included with your resort fee and are Tuesdays 6pm & Saturdays 1pm. You may purchase tickets below for a brewery tour. Tours do sell out! Meet at the Bierhall, 15 minutes prior to your tour time.



Bird Watching in Stowe Vermont

Bird Watching Walk

Please join us for an early morning Bird Watching Walk at 7:30am with Karen Nielsen, who has 35 years of birding experience. Karen received a Bachelor's Degree in Zoology from the University of Vermont and a Masters Degree in Applied Biology, teaching Ornithology for the University of New Hampshire.

Sign up in advance is required by 7pm the night before the tour.

Meet at our Main Lodge Lobby at 7:30am and please have sturdy foot ware as we may be walking the meadows and forests on property.

Von Trapp Chapel Hike in Stowe

Hike to the Chapel 

Enjoy a short (but steep) hike to the chapel that Werner von Trapp and other members of the family built. We’ll head into the lovely woods behind our Lodge to explore this important von Trapp landmark.   Meet at the Outdoor Center, arrive a few minutes early. Proper footwear and weather appropriate clothing required. Meet at the Outdoor Center 15 minutes prior to your tour time.

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