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What is fractional ownership?

Fractional Ownership Properties, in some cases known as Private Residence Clubs, are exclusive properties typically located in world-renown resort destinations. Many are currently in western ski areas such as Aspen and Jackson Hole, and other locations such as Cabo san Lucas and the Caribbean. Fractional sizes vary, but ownerships of 1/9th to 1/13th seem to be most common.

Our program offers 1/12th and 1/24th ownership options. Simply stated, fractional ownership fills the gap in the market between whole ownership and timesharing. It appeals to people who want a luxurious second home but can't justify the high cost of ownership and maintenance for something they will only be able to use a few weeks of the year. Fractional ownership allows for more services and amenities than whole ownership, while ensuring that your property is professionally maintained and ready for your arrival.

How does fractional ownership compare to Timesharing?

Fractional ownership/private residence clubs differ from timesharing in several ways. The accommodations are typically larger and more luxurious than timeshares and offer a higher level of personal services, exclusivity, and sophistication. In addition, they are located on some of the most desirable real estate in the world.

How flexible is my ownership?

Perhaps the biggest misconception is that owners will be "locked" into set times for their vacations. Actually, a great advantage over typical second-home ownership is the flexibility to exchange, rent, swap, or lend ownership. The “lock-out” feature of our Villas even allows owners the potential of choosing two options of use at the same time. Our exchange affiliation allows owners to trade into similar resorts in other parts of the world. While our use plan allows for owners to guarantee the time they want during the peak seasons, it also provides time that can be used on a request basis, and even allows partial-week use.

Can I use time beyond the time I own?

Owners have unlimited use of "Space Available" stays. "Space Available" stays may be reserved during the weeks that are not owned, when not required for maintenance. In addition, owners can make their unused time available to other owners for use as "Space Available" vacations.

Can I exchange for other properties?

The Villas are affiliated with an exclusive exchange service, The Registry Collection, providing owners the opportunity to experience a world of travel options. As the number of properties increase in this rapidly growing segment, more resorts and travel options are constantly being added to the selection. Available in some of the most sought after locations in the world, these exchange opportunities are yet another reason people are choosing this flexible ownership plan. Visit The Registry Collection website.

Can I purchase an entire Villa?

Yes, you can own a Villa year-round and still have access to the resort amenities and management.

Who is the developer?

Trapp Family Lodge, Inc., a Vermont Corporation located in Stowe, Vermont, and its president Johannes von Trapp. The von Trapp Family settled in Stowe in 1941, and began welcoming guests to the lodge in the 1950s. Trapp Family Lodge, Inc. currently operates the world-famous, 96-room lodge and a renowned ski-touring center.


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