Scenic Waterfall Hikes

Explore Vermont's hiking trails and discover serene and picturesque waterfalls. Stowe has plenty of natural beauty, including three waterfalls that should be on everyone’s "must-see" list! There are trails for most ages and abilities, options a solo hikers, groups of adults, and families. In the summer months, these relaxing spots attract locals and travelers cooling down in the fresh mountain streams after hiking through the forest. Stowe has the tallest and some of the prettiest waterfalls in the state. Always be careful when visiting waterfalls by staying away from the edge of any cliffs you may encounter.

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Moss Glen Falls

Moss Glen Falls is a few miles north of town off Route 100. It is the tallest cascade in Vermont and is a relatively flat hike that starts over some wooden boards through marshy beaver habitat (check out the beaver dams and look for signs of beavers on fallen trees!) and along Moss Glen Brook. Right as the trail starts to climb up, you can either walk the riverbed through the small gorge to access the base of the waterfall (access can vary depending on river flow) or climb up the hill for a panoramic view of these magnificent falls. For a longer hike, you can continue up past the falls into the Worcester mountain range on soft beds of pine needles. After your hike you can treat yourself to a nice dip in the falls or Moss Glen River on your way back.

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Bingham Falls

Bingham Falls is a local favorite spot to cool off during the hot and humid summer months. You’ll find families gathered along the base of the falls with a picnic lunch while teenagers (and those young at heart) jump off some of the smaller rocks into the deep pool below. The crystal-clear water at the base of the falls is a beautiful place to cool off after a day hiking or mountain biking. The walls of Bingham Falls are magical, covered with green moss and dripping with fresh mountain spring water.

Sterling Falls Gorge

Sterling Falls Gorge is a great placefor visitors year-round. There are a few different trails to access the large trail system that leads up to longer hikes into the mountains. The easiest way to access the falls is via the Sterling Falls Gorge hike, a trail that offers you information about the unique geology surrounding the gorge. It is also an amazing spot for you to bring a picnic lunch and listen to the roar of the gorge's six sets of cascades. As always, be careful around the sides of any gorge and make sure you have safe footing for your waterfall "selfie"!