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The Trapp Family Lodge Wine Cellar

and Weekly Wine Tastings

Raise a glass to a great vacation when you visit the Wine Cellar at Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. Our Wine Cellar is filled with varietals from all around the world, including Austria, Germany, and the U.S. Here, you can try all sorts of wines from our exclusive collection, including sweet, dry, robust, and fruity wines. As restrictions are lifted, the Wine Cellar will be available for private dinner parties. This intimate environment will bring your group closer together, all while enjoying great wine and food!

Upcoming Wine Tastings 

October 20 - California Zinfandels

October 23 - Australian Wines

October 27 - Wines by Charles Smith

Wine Grape Descriptions

Available Wine List

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Prices may vary based on year and supply.

Wine Cellar at The Trapp Family Lodge

Please Note: If you are purchasing a bottle of wine to be delivered to a guest room, there will be an 11% tax fee and 20% gratuity.

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