Yoga at Trapp Family Lodge Fitness Center


The yoga program at Trapp Family Lodge aims to provide you with custom, quality yoga instruction. Through careful attention to your body, we teach principles and techniques that cultivate body awareness, demonstrate proper alignment, promote muscular strength and flexibility, use breath for concentration and relaxation, and improve the quality of your energy.

We all know how essential yoga is for our mind, body and spirit so we feel it’s important to be offered. At this time, we are offering outdoor yoga on the concert stage.

Good Morning Yoga is 8am - 9am until Monday, August 31 when it will move to 9am-10am, Monday – Friday, weather dependent. Class occurs in our spacious Mozart room in event of rain.

Privates are available, inquire at the Fitness Center, weather dependent.

Trapp Family Lodge Is Requesting Our Yoga Guests:

1.    Sign up and payment for the yoga class is required by 5pm the night prior to the class at the Fitness Center (5722) with your name, phone number and email. If the weather isn’t cooperating and class needs to be canceled, you will receive communication by phone or email by 8am the day of the class.

2.    Guests are required to fill out this survey, which is a series of health-related questions. Per the CDC, symptoms include cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated muscle pain, sore throat, and new loss of taste or smell. If a guest responds in the affirmative, they will be asked to cancel or reschedule

3.    For your comfort and support during practice, bring your own mat, 2 towels and a water bottle. Tissues might also be helpful. In the interest of no communal sharing of items, we are very sorry but the Fitness Center is not able to offer yoga mats or props. We have mats for sale at a nominal fee, inquire at the Fitness Center.

4.    Please meet your instructor at the concert stage. It is located on the right, down the dirt road immediately after the big Outdoor Center parking lot. The large wood stage is visible from the road and is down on the lawn. A second option (that keeps your feet dry) is to walk straight across the OC parking lot to the far side and then take a left on the dirt path to bring you to the stage.

5.    We abide by the CDC guidelines for outdoor yoga by observing physical distancing and wearing a mask when closer than 6’ to another person. When practicing yoga, a mask is not required, it’s optional.

6.    While we are so happy to see you again, we will be observing physical distancing – yes, this means no hugging or handshaking. We ask the client to help us keep the conversation limited to their health and wellness so we may ensure the safety for all. 

Trapp Family Lodge Yoga Instructors Are Committed To:

1.    Following requirements regarding their health and wellness. They will be cleared to work each day via a health check, wearing a face mask when appropriate, and following a hand washing protocol. 

2.    Following physical distancing protocols to keep the guest and themselves in a safe zone. Please understand that our yoga instructors will not be doing any physical assists/hands-on adjustments until further notice.

If you have any questions please call the Fitness Center at 802-253-5722. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility. We look forward to seeing on our property again!